Hanging Ten with the Queen of Mystery

It’s always fun to learn interesting facts about favorite authors. But when my mom sent me a link to Agatha Christie’s Surfing Secret Revealed, I  thought it was a joke at first. Agatha Christie–who I think of as Ms. Marple–surfing?!? Yes indeedy.

She learned to participate in this “easy sport” in South Africa in 1922. Initially it was prone surfing, but she was among the first Britishers to surf standing up. Turns out Prince Edward beat her to it, but still, she was probably the first woman.

Makes you wonder what we don’t know about other favorite authors. Did C.S. Lewis skydive? Did Jane Austen ski? How often do we form very concrete ideas of what people are/were like based on very little information? I have long imagined Agatha Christie as a very staid, proper little woman. I’m kind of glad this article has blown my preconceived notions out of the water (ha!).  I also love that her surfboard is named Fred.

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