How will you use your super power?

As I prepare for a writer’s conference this summer I’ve tried to stop and really think about WHY I want to be published. Let’s see, fame and fortune are pretty unlikely even if I do publish. For every 10 readers who quietly enjoy a book there’s likely at least one very vocal person who hates it. If I’m “successful” I’ll have to work harder and write more. Now why do I want this?!?

Oh yeah. My super power. I believe that everyone is gifted in some special way. Maybe you’re an encourager. Maybe you’re a teacher. Maybe you sing like an angel. Me? I write. I just do. It satisfies something deep inside me. It’s my God-given super power. My job is to decide how to use it. For good or for evil? (And not using it, or intentionally using it poorly is for evil.)

When I write something that rings TRUE I feel almost euphoric. I want to grab people and say, “Listen to this–I think this is right.” And that’s why I want to be published. Oh, there are a lot of words out there and it would be almost impossible for all of them to ring true. But I think I’ve written a few that are worth reading.

So why do I want to be published? Because God gave me a super power and I think writing is my way of using that power for good.

Q4U- What’s your super power? How are you using it?

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  1. I truly believe that my super power is Encourager and I have created a page on Facebook to try and use that super power to touch more people than I ever thought I could. Did I come up with that idea on my own? NO!!! God had to whisper in my ear and, even then, I STILL prayed about it for a few days before I took the “dive” – LOL

    I will eventually be sharing there of how I came to believe that Encourager is my super power 🙂

  2. I love how you said that not using it is evil. 🙂

    My super power is writing. And I came about it like those newly power-gifted, once regular people we see in the movies. It’s like the radio active writing spider just bit me one day and with the flit of my wrist, words come flying out. And they make sense too!

    Like you, I just love it! I feel at my finest after writing an amazing scene in a heart-wrenching story.

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