Summing it all up

I’m headed to a conference later this month and there’s much talk of having a “one-sheet” to leave behind when meeting with editors or agents. The idea is to have one sheet of paper that provides a summary of your book, your bio, your photo and contact information. Okey-doke! I love developing things like this. Of course, there’s SO much I want to include! But I think I boiled it down to the high points. And here’s my one-sheet .

6 thoughts on “Summing it all up

  1. WOW, Sarah! I LOVE that your ‘initials’ are SALT 🙂

    I will be attending the Women’s Ministry track of She Speaks but I just had to come check out this “one sheet” thing that I keep hearing y’all talk about and all I can say is “WOW!” What I read on yours certainly makes ME want to read your book! I hope I get the chance to meet you while we are in NC 🙂

  2. Sarah, your one sheet looks great! You drove home the main points and generated interest. I especially thought the swirling water was a nice touch touch. Blessings to you as you proceed! 🙂

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