Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I was fortunate to spend part of it with my dad at the family farm in West Virginia. Both of my parents gave me a great foundation in life–loving me, nurturing me and giving me the confidence to go out and do things like build a great marriage, find a great career and write a book (we’ll see if it’s great!). I realize now how priceless a gift that is.

So today, back home and back to working, writing and living my regular routine, I just wanted to say thanks to my dad. Thanks for being the strong, father figure every little girl needs in her life. Thanks for having high expectations and loving me anyway when I failed to meet them. Thanks for making me feel special, beautiful and valuable. There are few better gifts a daddy can give his daughter.

That’s him with my 96-year-old grandmother and I. Three generations of love!

Categories: Miracles


  1. Your father sounds amazing! What a lovely photo of he and your grandmother! I believe we share some similarities, Sarah. I, too, have loving and devoted parents whose cornerstone was Christ.

    We’re mutually blessed. : – )

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