Subsequent Books

While I’m perfecting book one I’m writing book two in my Everyday Miracles Series. A blog post by Rachelle Gardener today made me wonder if readers prefer subsequent books that are related to the debut or books that are completely different.

I adore the Mitford Series by Jan Karon. Even when she decided to stop writing about Mitford, she continued writing about Father Tim, so there’s an ongoing connection. On the other hand, I’m mad for Jane Austen and the characters in her books are unrelated. Honestly, I don’t want to know what happened to Elizabeth and Darcy, I’d rather imagine it as I move on to Fanny and Edmund.

Q4U- So what do you prefer? Consecutive books in a series? Or unrelated books in the style of the author you’ve come to love?

4 thoughts on “Subsequent Books

  1. Well, I can get pretty attached to certain characters and I would love to see them continued in an ongoing series. I do like stand-alone novels, as well…as long as there is a happy ending of course! : )

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