Blackberry Winter

This past weekend I noticed that the blackberry brambles were finally starting to bloom and thought to myself that blackberry winter would likely be along any day. Well, tomorrow we’re not supposed to get out of the upper 50s after a nice stretch of 70s. I’ve been hearing about blackberry winter for a long time, but in recent years I’ve actually paid attention. And after about five years I can attest that there is, indeed, a cold snap shortly after blackberry blossoms unfurl.

I love including local lore and wisdom in my books. My work is set in Appalachia–the most wonderful place in the world (in my opinion). As a matter of fact, one of the things I have to keep after myself over is including Appalachian quirks and stories that are really just rabbit trails having nothing to do with the story.

Q4U- So what pieces of folk wisdom have you found to have at least a grain of truth?

Categories: Miracles


  1. That the sky will take on a greenish cast just before a tornado. It’s certainly been true where we live! I think it has something to do with interesting weather phenomena and reflections of light or something.

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