Meeting Expectations

A commoner became a princess today. One of the most carefully guarded secrets about the royal wedding was Kate’s dress. I know the most exciting part of my wedding (other than actually getting to marry Jim!) was choosing the dress. I was so excited to wear that gorgeous frock and I thought it was the most beautiful gown anyone had ever been lucky enough to wear. (I mean, c’mon, Princess Diana was drowning in silk!)

So what I’m wondering today is, did Kate pick the dress she loved? Or did she choose a gown that would please the Queen? Or one that would meet the expectations of the millions watching the wedding? Imagine. The world is critiquing what you wear on your wedding day.

I hope she chose a dress that she loved and that she knew William would love seeing her in. I hope she didn’t let the world sway her (much).

How often do you let the world sway you? If you’re writing, are you writing what’s on your heart or what you think will fit the current market? If you’re not a writer, what areas of your life do you let the opinon of the world impact?

3 thoughts on “Meeting Expectations

  1. I must say it seemed…unexpected (in an old-fashioned, traditional way), but it is a very lovely dress. Modest, and befitting her new role as a representative of a people. She may well have been swayed by others’ expectations BUT she should feel very good about having done so, in that she did it for the home team and left no room for criticism of her new husband.

    • Just what I was thinking! I expected something more modern. But I agree that it was the perfect dress for the “team.” Which brings us around to consider that sometimes we ought to allow ourselves to be influenced.

      Did you see her sister’s dress? Now that’s more like what I was expecting . . .

  2. I favored Pipa’s dress for Kate… Wasn’t thrilled with her tiara either and the flowers were a tad skimpy. Oh, well I love the cakes!!

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