Need a Dose of Peace?

It’s been a hectic week and it’s only Wednesday. Writing, contests, blogging, work, church, puppy raising–LIVING. It just gets so crazy sometimes. So if you, like me, need a little peace, it would seem Maine is the place to go.

In a recent ranking by the Institute for Economics and Peace, Maine was rated as the most peaceful US state with Louisiana falling at the bottom (Mardi Gras, maybe?).  Rounding out the top ten were: 2. New Hampshire; 3. Vermont; 4. Minnesota; 5. North Dakota; 6. Utah; 7. Massachusetts; 8.Rhode Island; 9. Iowa; and 10. Washington (state, not DC).

My state, North Carolina, is 32nd. Hmmm. Not too peaceful. My home state of West Virginia is 18–maybe I need a trip home!

Q4U- Where do you go when you need a little peace?

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  1. There are many hills and hollows in the beautiful Ozarks. I usually search out a quiet, comfortable niche and rest for “a spell” with a good book or writing tablet and my take-along mug of iced tea!

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