Speaking of distractions . . .

Here’s my latest! We’ve adopted a puppy and I’m a little sidetracked. We had dogs when we got married almost 15 years ago and lost the last of three December 6, 2009 (see post here). It’s been over a year now and we’ve taken the plunge again. Steadily losing our hearts to this little bundle of energy named Thistle.

Yes, she’s interfering with my writing time (not to mention time to do anything else!). But I think she’s worth it. Ah, puppy love.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of distractions . . .

  1. Greetings, Sarah…

    I’ve been perusing your blog! (I’m getting my feet wet with my own, and talk about distractions from actual WRITING!) I could definitely use some pointers. : )

    Your puppy is so sweet! We lost our beloved Lab in a tornado yrs ago. We haven’t had a pet since then (unless you count Mr. Limpet, our fish) but perhaps, one day we will again…

    Many blessings to you…Keep writing!

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