Words, words, words!

On “Inside the Actor’s Studio” host James Lipton always ends the show with 10 questions, one of which is, “What is your favorite word?” I think this was supposed to be a clever question, but for writers it’s actually a great question. I think if you’re a writer you necessarily LOOOOOVE words!

Currently my favorite words are the ones with sort of unexpected spellings: continuum, rhythm (no vowels!), limn; zucchini. I can’t say why exactly, but my mouth waters a little as I type out these words. Maybe it’s because I know how to spell them. Limn in particular delights me. A variant of the Middle English word luminen–to illuminate. Ahhhh.

Q4U- So do you find yourself relishing particular words? What are they? Do you have any idea why you like them?

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  1. My favorite words? Depends on whether I’m saying them, reading them, thinking them or hearing them. I like “new” words and limn is new to me.

  2. This is on my “planned blog post” list too! Yes! I have favorite words!
    Sycamore…gossamer…esplanade…these are just of many. You would think that it’s the “s” sound but I assure you that “Slytherin” gives me the creeps just as it creeps out millions of Harry Potter readers. So it’s not that. And I also love detritus…purview….verdant….so who knows! Sound has something to do with it, but not all…

  3. Oh nice post. Queue, gargoyle, cadence, saskatchewan, tomorrow, ubiquitous — these are words that my brain has fun sounding out and seeing images for. it’s weird but you’ll understand as a fellow word geek. 😉

    • Remember the billboards that just had the one word, “ubiquitous” on them? They were supposed to sell the space. Don’t know if it worked, but I loved seeing UBIQUITOUS in giant letters along the highway.

  4. I never saw a billboard like that. Was it a NC thing? Love saying that word and people always look at me like I’m from outer space (OR a foreign country!)

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