French Creek Freddie

Breaking news–Freddie did NOT see his shadow! Spring is coming early! You can see the video here.

Okay, this has nothing to do with books or writing, but I have to give a plug to my hometown groundhog today. French Creek Freddie is a resident of the West Virginia Wildlife Center located not far from the farm where I grew up. We called it The Game Farm back then. They’ll be waking Freddie up this morning so he can (reluctantly) check for his shadow. The current weather shows clouds and a chance of snow, so I’m betting not. And that means an early spring!

Freddie has been checking for his shadow since 1978 (presumably several Freddies). And he’s not the only one. Here’s a list of other groundhogs around the nation:

  • Punxsutawney Phil: Pennsylvania
  • Buckeye Chuck: Ohio’s official groundhog
  • Staten Island Chuck: The Staten Island zoo
  • Smith Lake Jake: Birmingham, AL
  • General Beauregard Lee: The University of Georgia
  • Octorara Orphie: Lancaster, Pa.’s
  • Dunkirk Dave: Dunkirk, NY
  • Woodstock Willie: Woodstock, IL
  • Malverne Mel: Malverne, NY
  • Jimmy The Groundhog: Sun Praire, WI
  • Stormy Marmot: Aurura, CO
  • One thought on “French Creek Freddie

    1. And here I was typing an email to chastise you for missing 3 days on your blog! Actually Pux PA forecast an early spring and I haven’t officially heard what Freddie had to say, but it was beautifully sunny here at the time he was supposed to make his prediction (followed by a rainbow and heavy downpour and fast temperature drop!)

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