Christians can be literary, too

How Do I Love TheeOnce upon a time I didn’t ready ANY Christian fiction. I thought it was lame and preachy and boring. I have a degree in English–why would I waste precious reading time on something so–well–uneducated? Ha!

I’m currently reading “How Do I Love Thee?” by Nancy Moser. It’s a Christian novel about poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning falling in love. Elizabeth was a recluse for much of her life so a great deal of the book follows her inner life, thoughts and dreams from the setting of her room. And it’s wonderful! I wouldn’t recommend it if you like nonstop action, but if you enjoy a well-crafted, thoughtful story, jump right in. And yes, it’s literary in style and concept. There are references to all the literary stars of the day–Longfellow, Dickens and so many more. Tailor made for the Christian, poet, English major. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for this recommendation! I’ve found some of the best Christian fiction I’ve ever read is published by secular publishing houses. Like “Father Melancholy’s Daughter” by Gail Godwin, or “Gilead,” by Marilynne Robinson. (Actually, Gilead’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, full stop.) However, I recently worked on a Christian novel that’s everything a Christian novel SHOULD be and everything it shouldn’t: “The Reluctant Prophet,” by Nancy Rue. Check it out!

  2. I was half-asleep when I was responding this morning 🙂 …what I meant was, it shows people living out the Christian message of love and sacrifice for others, without ever once being preachy. Whew!

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