The Proposal

Well I’ve been shaping and polishing my novel the past several weeks. The Lotus Leaf Effect is now The Memory of Drowning and I think it’s getting much better. It’s tighter, less nostalgic and there’s more conflict. I’m typically not a fan of conflict, but since it’s what keeps readers turning pages . . .

I’m sending a copy of my proposal off to Jamie Chavez for review before I try pitching the book again. Hopefully she’s going to give me fabulous input and then I can try the last editor in my current arsenal. If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll be sending pitch letters to agents and looking for conferences where I can make good connections.

Pray that this will all work out according to God’s plan (which I’m aware may not be the one I have in mind!).

2 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. I like the new title better. Not a lot of your potential readers would know “the lotus leaf effect.” I’m sorry to see the nostalgia go, but that’s just me. I’ll be interested in what conflict you added.
    It always goes according to His plan and in His time. 😉

    • That’s why I let you read it before I started cutting.

      In the original, Margaret went along with the walking on water. Now, she insists that it did NOT happen, even though she admits it might’ve looked like it did. “A trick of the light.” Families always wrangle over what really happened–right? ; )

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