Monday Writing Update

This week:
Pages written = 9
Total pages = 90

When I log into my blog there’s a “Blog Stats” link that let’s me see how many visitors I’ve had each day. In these early stages getting more than 10 is pretty great (thanks mom!). Earlier this week I had 78 visits in one day. Wow! Who could all these people be? Is word getting out about my fabulous blog if not my fabulous books? I was feeling pretty good.

And then I found the random “spam” posts. I had been visited by a web crawler. Programs are designed to search for and collect e-mail addresses that can be spammed and to post random ads in the comments sections of blogs. Ah well. A reminder that quality really is better than quantity.

Thanks to those of you hanging out here with me while I write–you are much appreciated.

One thought on “Monday Writing Update

  1. I’ve seen those random unrelated comments and/or ads on other blogs (not that I read many…) and after articles and wondered how they got there and why anyone would do that…

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